My First Review!!


As I mentioned in another post, lots of baby items have a highhhh price tag and low reviews! As many first time mums I bought a lot of heavily advertised items, and loved many and hated more! hopefully my honest opinions help people with their purchases!!

- a small disclaimer these are my honest opinion as of having a young child, I'm reviewing this only for benefit of other families who may be thinking of purchasing - I have either purchased these items, or been gifted by family and friends - well our son has been gifted :)

For anyone who doesn't know what the doona car seat is, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! This is one off the products I've seen from 'mummy influencers' who have been gifted this product in order to encourage people to purchase - and well it worked on me! The doona is a car seat with The wheels attached. The car seat itself is as any basic car seat, although with the simple pull of the lever out pops wheels and turns the car seat into a stroller!!!! This is one of the best purchases we have made as there's no messing about with travel systems and swapping over carry cots and car seats, just hop out the car, wheels up and go!! This is the perfect product for mums like me who have a tiny car!! The Fiat 500 was practical for 18 year old me going out with friends, and driving to work - however not practical for a baby and travel system! 
Another thing the doona is perfect for is the quick journeys - popping into pay for petrol, grabbing one thing from a shop, or even the school run for those with older children! Again no need to mess about with travel systems for a 2 min journey into a store, no carrying heavy car seats ... just pop the wheels and go!!

The doona retails for £289.99 for the car seat alone, but of course you NEED the added extras.
The isofix base retails for £129.99 to make getting in and out the car although can use it with the seatbelt! (I personally use it with the seatbelt ... and not the isofix)
Other accessories include rain over (£22) storage bag (£24) and sunshade (£24)
Prices correct as if 20th April 2019 via Donna website 

I don't have many things I dislike about the doona - the only one downside I have experienced is as it's only a car seat, there's no option for babies to lay flat, so new borns can only stay in the car seat for the recommended 30mins - so after the initial traveling, if your planning to stay for a while you might want to also bring something  which your baby can lay down! - or take baby

out of the seat often  for stretches and cuddles!

The carseat stroller - image taken from search engine

 My son aged - 3 days old in the doona using newborn insert

Aged 16 weeks, still using new born insert.

xx Meg


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